Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kids, you're grounded!

It's the Wii games fault! Every time M and S play this game together they always end up fighting or in an argument. This two are allowed to have 2 hrs. of either Wii, computer or TV time everyday, but they always chose to play the Wii. They're similar to a couple, they can't play on their own and they can't play peacefully together. And today I've had enough! I tried hard for them to compromise and play nicely but to no avail, they ended up screaming at each other. So I asked them to turn off the game and do other activities. They both started to throw tantrums, the crying become louder and S started to blame M. Next thing you know, M walked away saying " I don't like you" to me and S grabbed my Mother's Day card and started crumpling it. I was so surprised but I kept my calm, removing the Wii parts one by one and collecting the unit. And declaring that the Wii is confiscated as a punishment for their behavior. The crying and tantrums didn't end there, it took half an hour of  making them realize they did wrong and they deserve to be punished. Eventually, both of them got tired and asked for food.
After eating, both of them came to their senses, they tried to win me back (actually win the Wii back). But I'm determined to teach them a lesson. I told them that they will have to be more responsible, they need to change their ways and show me that they can be a good girl and boy. So I gave them an assignment, to list down all the things that they can think of that will make them responsible.
Here is S list:
 - do your homework before plating Wii
 - finish all your food
 - ask your mom and dad to cut your hair always ( she once experimented on her bangs)
 - tell your mom and dad if you play Wii

  -be listening to your mom and dad 
  - don't fight 
  - don't hurt people 
  - don't hurt people's feelings 
  - listening to your teacher
  - do your assembly nicely

 Here is M list:
 - listen

 - don't fight 
 - don't be mean 
 - don't say bad words 
 - don't use computer w/o permission 
 - don't hurt people 
 - don't annoy people 
 - no whingeing
 - no complaining 

 - don't be bad to parents 
 - listen to your teacher 
 - don't be disgusting 
 - be nice 
 - be a good boy or a good girl 
 - entertain yourself w/ a toy 
 - don't talk over people 
 - play nicely 
 - concentrate on what you do 
 - don't go to other websites that you're not allowed to go on computer 
 - play Wii at 3 o' clock only 

We will see if this list will be followed :-)

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

My Little Garden

It's Springtime, well it's supposed to be.But lately the fog seems to love it here and refuse to leave. And for weeks I have never seen the sun. Nevertheless, I started my usual gardening during this time. After a week some flowers began to sprout and I was so ecstatic because I can sit outside and and enjoy this view in my little garden.

 Yesterday while I was attending to my garden, something flew past my head and landed in one of the branches of my bamboo tree. When I looked closer, I saw this beautiful yet scary bug staring at me :)
I immediately run upstairs, 3 flights of stairs, to grab my camera, change the lens...unfortunately I don't have a macro lens but the zoom lens will do. Run back downstairs and tried to capture as much as I can.

 This morning, I still saw him but this time he's in one of my indoor plants. I guess it won't hurt if I leave this plant outside for another day. At least my visitor is comfortable and extending his stay in my garden :-)

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The DUCK that came to town ....

I have been reading about this traveling giant DUCK for a while and was secretly hoping that she will grace us here. So finally, a week ago she arrived and  promise to be on display last weekend. I was excited to see it, never mind for the kids, but for myself alone I could have gone there on my own. So when my husband decided that he wanted to try Brotzeit, a German restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui East, I immediately roll out my plan. It was all planned out - which road to take, which tunnel and exit. But we didn't know that everywhere in TST is crowded and traffic was so bad that we ended up sitting in the car for more than an hour just to get from the tunnel exit to the restaurant. On a not so crowd crazy day, it will only take 10 mins. drive from tunnel exit. Oh well, we finally reached the place and enjoyed the food. As we leave the restaurant, the rain began to fall so we scrap the plan of going to the harbour area to see the DUCK. 
The next day, nothing can stop me anymore. I took the kids and went to see it finally :-)

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

This post has nothing to do w/ the celebration though. I just wanted to document my first attempt to teach my kids some household chores. It was a boring Sunday afternoon, and since the kids complained that they we're bored right after lunch, I decided to give them some lessons about Home Economics 101. The things they will never learn in school are the basic things for survival e.g. washing dishes :-)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Migie's Toys ....

One lazy Saturday morning in Stanley, where we usually go when I'm too lazy to cook even for breakfast. We often have brunch, stay for some outdoor activities, grocery shopping and just enjoying the south side. After all it's always sunny in the south side :-) 
When we arrive, Jony, Migie's classmate is already rocking the place with his naughty ways in scooter. I approached her mum and she informed us that Lamborghini is celebrating their 50th anniversary and there's going to be a parade of cars later that day. Migie was ecstatic and told us that we definitely have to stay longer. Soon we left to find a restaurant to accomplish our first goal - brunch. We settled down, ordered food and then Jony came w/ a plastic bottle that contains a muddy water with some worm creature inside.
Daddy, got agitated and send Jony away. So Jony, joined his Dad who was busy arguing with the organizers as they are not allowing anybody from taking a photo of the Lambo collections that are on display. Apparently, he even went back home to get his heavy munitions (camera), because he himself is a lover of this car. Well, who wouldn't get excited?
After the brunch, we brought them to the playground as usual. I was walking around checking out stuff when I noticed a commotion at the back of the museum. I went to take a peek and right there and then Lamborghini cars started to arrive, passing by to park into position. I phoned Migie's Dad and in a few seconds Migie came running towards the Lambo. We we're shooed away and they started putting warning tapes so to prevent the public from approaching the cars. We're lucky to be upfront, in a position where we can view every single car that arrives. Migie's heart beats faster, every time a new one arrives.
I told him I should take a photo of him while the cars are still visible...but when he turn around he's got a long face ....

And when I asked him why does he look so sad. He said "How come we don't have a car like that?. Mommy, can you find a better job than Daddy so you can buy one?" My poor child, he doesn't have the slightest idea that only the rich can afford them. I calmed him down, saying that we are not in need of a luxury car. I said that if he finds himself a better paying job maybe he can afford to buy a sports car. That all he needs to do is to study well, work hard and save money. So we continue watching until all the cars are in position and then we're allowed to get closer and take pictures.

Two hours later ( yes that's how long we stared at these cars), Daddy wanted to go home. He told us to use the toilet first before getting in the car. Inside the toilet, I noticed that Migie's face is red and and he was saying something  while washing his hands. When I got closer, I overheard him saying " I need to study, I need to work hard ...I really need to buy that car". Hahahahahah! And it didn't stop there. In the car, he demands to have an allowance since he's 7 years old and so he can start saving for his sports car! OMG!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Now a young lady ....

She's turning 16 this year, still a baby in so many ways. She doesn't like dressing up, not loving colors in her wardrobe but black. Pixel's dance night is fast approaching. I've been constantly reminding her about the preparation that she needs to do before the big night. Always brushing it off until she realized it's the end of the week, and she only have 5 days to prepare. So she and her friends went on a dress hunt and luckily they found one on the same day. Now, it's my turn to help her w/ the shoes and accessories that will complete her choice of dress. Hours have passed, blisters in my feet, hungry, exhausted, 10 shops later and we still haven't found the perfect shoes for her dress. Not to mention, she changes her mind few times on what color to choose. Then finally we found a pair just before the sun set on the horizon...whew! The next day we took care of her reading glasses, she change her style from a dorky wide black frames to a simple light colored one. She even agreed to get some disposable lenses, so she can wear nice make up and look good during the dance night. 
Few days passed and finally the big night.We started with her face, put a little boosting cream to leave on for few hours before we apply her make up. Then we moved to her hair, shampooed it, conditioned then drying out. Followed by curling iron, spray and styling. Next is the make up, base, powder, shadows, highlights, blush and finally the lipstick ... I was her personal beautician ;-)
 The Year 11 Dance Night is suppose to be a masquerade, so she and her friends recycled their old  Halloween costume. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cirque de Soleil

It has been 12 years since my first attempt to watch this circus. And finally, last Thursday me and hubby went to see Saltimbanco. I have read a lot of articles and watch a couple of you tube videos about it so I know what to expect. What I didn't realize is the things I saw are compilations of the best part of the show. I put to much expectations and got a bit disappointed and bored at some parts of the show while watching it live. Still, I am grateful to be able to watch it finally and looking forward to another show ...this time I'll be waiting for Alegria to come to town :)